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5 Best Jewel Tone Paint Colors For Your Home In 2024

Jewel Tone Paint Colors

At National Stone LV, we take pride in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to interior design trends. In 2024, jewel tone paint colors continue to dominate the scene, bringing depth, richness, and a touch of sophistication to modern homes. Among the plethora of options available, we've curated the top 5 jewel tone paint colors from Sherwin Williams that are sure to make a statement in your home.

Really Teal Sherwin Williams (SW 6489)

Really Teal (SW 6489) by Sherwin Williams is a captivating blend of blue and green, creating a mesmerizing hue that adds vibrancy and freshness to any space. This jewel tone paint color is perfect for creating a lively atmosphere in living rooms, kitchens, or even as an accent on furniture pieces. Pair Really Teal (SW 6489) with crisp whites or soft neutrals for a balanced and refreshing look.

Jewel Tone Paint Colors
Really Teal Sherwin Williams

Loyal Blue Sherwin Williams (SW 6510)

Loyal Blue (SW 6510) from Sherwin Williams is a deep and dignified blue that exudes elegance and sophistication. This jewel tone paint color is ideal for creating a sense of drama and depth in dining rooms, bedrooms, or home offices. Combine Loyal Blue (SW 6510) with metallic accents like silver or chrome for a modern and luxurious touch.

Mature Grape Sherwin Williams (SW 6286)

For a touch of luxury and opulence, look no further than Mature Grape (SW 6286) by Sherwin Williams. This deep purple jewel tone paint color adds a sense of drama and refinement to any room, making it perfect for accent walls, entryways, or even as a statement on cabinetry. Pair Mature Grape (SW 6286) with rich wood tones or gold accents for a regal and sophisticated look.

Juneberry Sherwin Williams (SW 6573)

Juneberry (SW 6573) from Sherwin Williams is a vibrant and energetic red-purple hue that adds warmth and personality to your space. This jewel tone paint color is perfect for creating a focal point in living rooms, bedrooms, or even as a bold choice for front doors. Combine Juneberry (SW 6573) with neutral tones like beige or gray for a balanced and inviting atmosphere.

Country Squire Sherwin Williams (SW 6475)

Rounding out our list is Country Squire (SW 6475) by Sherwin Williams, a rich and earthy green that brings a sense of tranquility and connection to nature. This jewel tone paint color is perfect for creating cozy and inviting spaces in living areas, bedrooms, or home offices. Pair Country Squire (SW 6475) with warm tones like rust or mustard for a harmonious and inviting look.

Jewel Tone Paint Colors
Country Squire By Sherwin Williams

In conclusion, National Stone LV recommends these 5 best jewel tone paint colors from Sherwin Williams for your home in 2024. Whether you prefer the lively blues of Really Teal (SW 6489) and Loyal Blue (SW 6510), the deep purples of Mature Grape (SW 6286) and Juneberry (SW 6573), or the earthy greens of Country Squire (SW 6475), there's a jewel tone paint color to suit every style and preference.


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