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Exploring the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2024 Palette – Featuring the Color of the Year

When it comes to selecting the Benjamin Moore Color Trends for 2024, it's all about embarking on a journey. The design team at Benjamin Moore set out to capture the essence of their travel experiences and infuse it into our daily lives. From the tranquil coastal shades reminiscent of Mediterranean getaways to the vibrant hues inspired by South American adventures, the 2024 color palettes are brimming with lively and cheerful tones.

Their discoveries didn't just end with picturesque landscapes; they beautifully translated into interior design. According to Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore's color marketing and development director, designers are continuing to embrace bold and vibrant color schemes. People are increasingly seeking to infuse their homes with a splash of color, and Benjamin Moore is eager to support this trend.

After meticulous consideration, Benjamin Moore has chosen Blue Nova (825) as the Color of the Year for 2024. Described by Magno as a mid-tone blue with subtle red undertones, it exudes a captivating violet cast. The warmth within this cool color is what gives it depth and makes it incredibly inviting.

Blue Nova, often referred to as a celestial "new star," draws inspiration from the enchanting blue hour, that period just after sunset when the sky takes on a deep blue, almost purplish hue, just above the fiery topaz glow of the remaining sun's rays. It's a color that possesses a magical quality, capable of elevating the everyday into something extraordinary.

Following the footsteps of the 2023 color selection, Raspberry Blush, a vibrant coral pink, Blue Nova carries forward a confidence that can either encompass an entire room or serve as a striking accent. Its versatility allows it to grace kitchen islands, cabinetry, or even the front door. "There is a lot you can do with it," Magno suggests. "I love the idea of using it in a matte finish to achieve a velvety feel and truly appreciate its depth. Alternatively, consider a semi-gloss or satin finish for a touch of softness in bedrooms or dining rooms."

To complement the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year, the brand has unveiled a complementary palette for 2024, celebrating its chosen paint color in style.

The Color Palette of 2024, As Presented by Benjamin Moore

Inspired by the age-old adage that "opposites attract," Benjamin Moore's Color Trends 2024 palette harmoniously combines sumptuous tones and delicate pastels. As Andrea Magno aptly puts it, "Light and dark, warm and cool, all come together in an unexpected, but compelling way." The creative team at Benjamin Moore meticulously sifted through their color library to select paint colors that highlight the beauty of contrasting hues.

For those who appreciate the classic elegance of black and white, the combination of "tried-and-true" White Dove (OC-17) with the rich Regent Green (2136-20) offers a striking contrast. The jewel-like intensity of Regent Green can either dominate an entire room or function as a dramatic trim accent. When it comes to hallways, Antique Pewter (1560), with its sage undertones, pairs seamlessly with the creamy Pristine (OC-75), providing a solid foundation for this mossy hue.

The pairing of Blue Nova (825) with Topaz (070), a terracotta orange, introduces neutrals in a bold, rich, and engaging manner. Teacup Rose (2170-50) and Polar Sky (1674) create a delicate interplay of blue and orange in the world of pastels. The gentle combination of Hazy Lilac (2116-40) and Honeybee (CSP-950) evokes a sense of warmth and is perfectly suited for bedrooms or whimsical mudrooms.

Whether you're on a globetrotting adventure or simply savoring everyday moments, Benjamin Moore encourages you to explore these color palettes, discover unique color pairings, and immerse yourself in experiences that celebrate the art of contrast.


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